Right Release (BCY-24)

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The Right Release is designed to aid in practicing the release process.

The Right Release is designed to simulate your exact draw length with simple adjustments. Currently it ranges from 21 to 33 inches.

The Right Release is designed with having the string behind the pivot point of the grip so there is not a issue with torque.

The Right Release will enhance the repeatability of the shot process without the fatigue of shooting a bow.

The Right Release can be carried and used almost anywhere.


        1: Place your bow on a draw board and match the Right Release to the exact draw length.

        2: Carry the Right Release with you at all times and go through your shot process multiple times a day to enhance the repeatability of your shot proces.

        3: Carry to tournaments or hunting camps to warm up.

        4: The Right Release is a great aid in helping to cure target panic.

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